Tuesday, 2 April 2013

About me

  I’m from a small town called Eastbourne in south of England. I don’t know how I ever escaped but I’ve been lucky enough to work in various locations across the globe and now I find my self applying my trade in New York.

  I’ve been animating in various styles and character heavy video-games since 2001. Before that, I studied at The Art’s University College at Bournemouth where I studied traditional 2D animation.

  Working on a number of high profile games including the Timesplitters series, Heavenly Sword and other titles that have offered me a diverse range of animation challenges.

  Whilst committing most of my time to animating in video games, I have also spent some time in T.V production, leading a team of animators on one of the largest children’s animated TV shows produced in the UK.

  I feel very lucky to be working in an industry that combines both of my passions. The craft of animation and the infinite possibilities of creating video games.

Below are titles I have worked on: